Avid for Life

Considering the word “Avid” and all the passion that is inherent in the things people are avid for makes me feel lost and reluctant. The very opposite of the word.

I can’t think of anything I am avid for. This has been plaguing my mind for a couple of weeks. I don’t have a hobby or any activity that I do that I just love. My husband has a softball league and a car hobby. I am a mom to a special needs baby and that has consumed my life and my identity.

I want to live a life that I can be avid for! I want to have “great enthusiasm for or interest in” life! (Dictionary.com def). I would love to be an avid kayak-er, but I don’t have a kayak yet and can’t afford to rent one regularly right now. I want to learn to surf, but this summer I have to focus on learning to swim first. Why must I have an interest in expensive water activities? How can I be avid for life on a budget?

I was reminded this week how much I love to sing. I grew up in choirs and theatre. Performing used to be something I was avid about. So, I took a first step. That’s what we must all do: take one step forward. One step at a time to live life avidly.

I found some places around town that have open mics throughout the week. I will likely watch for weeks before I muster up the confidence to get back on stage, but I want to rediscover my love for song and performance. I need to! I need something that gives my mom-brain a break and reminds me of who I am. I am a mom, yes, and I love that. But, I was other things before motherhood blessed me and those things remain in me. Somewhere.

I believe that allowing myself to have a hobby, and to get avid about that hobby, will open me up to be more avid for motherhood and so many other parts of life.

It’ll take time, but I want to live life and live it with the passion that avidness contains.

What are you avid for? Or, what interest do you have that could get you there?


2 thoughts on “Avid for Life

  1. Yes yes yes to all of this…the singing sounds great!
    I just started performing in plays at my local theatre, it’s so much fun, gives me a break from mummy duties and the performance buzz I’ve been missing..
    Great post 😊 X


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