An Evening on the Green

“What are your plans for this evening?”

That’s always an exciting question to hear from my husband. It usually means he has an idea of something to do that involves getting me out of the house. As usual, my answer was “Nothing. To eat dinner, I guess.” Boring! What’s not boring? Being asked if we would join him on the golf course. YES! Any chance to do something other than go to an appointment for Jonah is exciting for me. I love just riding around fake house shopping, so getting some outside time sounded great. Y’all, it was so refreshing! The weather was warm and breezy and the grass is always so green and pretty at golf courses. Plus, I knew it was a chance for him to get to do something he loved and Jonah and I would get to be a part of it. Jonah might have missed his afternoon nap, but he enjoyed getting to hang out with dad and have some family time at the Wilmington Municipal Golf Course instead. Plus, I always like to get pictures of him “participating” and experiencing new places. Any experience can be turned into an opportunity for learning. Here are some of the golf lessons Jonah learned:


Jonah got to learn one of the first rules of driving-keep your hands, both of them, on the wheel! Second, pay attention to the signs. Sometimes you’re not allowed to drive wherever you want on the course. 


He learned that you have to wait your turn, no matter how slow the group in front of you is going. Hopefully he learned not to make those dirty looks when those people can still see you. 


He learned the “golf clap” and the importance of cheering for dad after every swing; because dad is the best (obviously) and everyone needs encouragement!


He even got a lesson in what the numbers on the clubs mean and the importance of grip on your golf shoes. If your soles wear off, barefoot is best!


I am so thankful for our times all together as a family! Whether they’re spent out and about or sitting on the couch, it’s good to have my evenings with you two!

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