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Welcome Home

One of my favorite things about Facebook has got to be the Memories feature. You know, the “Two years ago today” posts where they show you your memories from how ever many years ago and offer you a moment to reminisce by sharing them again.

Today, July 12th, Facebook reminded me that two years ago we were finally able to bring our firstborn, Jonah, home from the NICU. That was one of the more exciting days in my life. His discharge from round-the-clock nursing care felt like things might be able to go back to normal. It also made me slightly nervous to take care of a tiny, fragile human without professionals around to tell me what to do and when, but that’s what most parents do anyways, right?. Now, two years later, this day is even more special. Now we have a second tiny, fragile human (though not as fragile as Jonah was).


The blessing of getting to bring baby Lucy home when she was only two days old makes me appreciate Jonah’s homecoming anniversary even more. And it makes me all the more grateful for both Lucy’s health and how far Jonah has come since his escape.

While things definitely didn’t go back to “normal”, my journey into motherhood has been more fulfilling than my plans could have ever provided for. Of course, it has been incredibly challenging, but Jonah’s smiles are worth every single tear and heartache!

We’ve settled into our own version of normal now and I am even happier as a mother to two than I was as a mother to one. Remembering Jonah’s tough course is helping me to enjoy all of Lucy (the poopy diapers, the snuggles, the cries, the late night waking) even more. Rejoicing over all of his triumphs is giving me so much joy in looking forward to both babies’ continued successes. I know that watching them grow together is going to be one of the most heart-filling experiences of my life.

“It’s gonna be a bright, bright, bright sun shiny day!”


“Remember His wonderful deeds which He has done, His marvels and the judgments from His mouth…” 1 Chronicles 16:12 NASB

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